The best "flags of the world" in SVG and CSS collection on the internet!

There is no other collection as complete in the internet. I know because I looked for one until I got tired. There are a bunch of good libraries out there, but some are outdated, some don't offer all countries, some are hard to use... Anyways, the point is that I believe you can get the best deal for free here. There are 5191 regions in the world as defined by ISO-3166 and some extras by me (hey, they got flags!). I will keep updating every country's flags until I have them all. Some countries do have regions and have no flags, so you can use the national instead. Everything in this page is handled automatically, so feel free to check for updates!

All the countries of the world are ready to download, but I got a a little extra! Some countries have subdivisions with flags. They are not all ready, but you can check this one here (Belgium) to see how it will look like.


6.7 2018/03/03 - Why so long? Well, I have created the most special collection ever. Nobody has this. I had to use flags, coat of arms, logos and some imaginary ones to compile the first ever complete collection of GB flags. Over 200 flags were needed to cover the level-3 of Great Britain, or United Kingdom if you wish.
6.6 2018/01/19 - Now every continent has a flag. Check them out!
6.5 2018/01/18 - OAS. I'm very excited to bring this to you: The OAS - Organization of American States.
6.4 2018/01/17 - GT uf... what can I say? Half of them are perfect. The other half... I had no real source files. Simply enjoy it.
6.3 2017/12/30 - After a lot of work PW has been done. Again, this is a unique collection for the internet.
6.2 2017/12/24 - And finally PG is ready. Like other flags, this is a unique collection because not even wikipedia has all flags on SVG.
6.1 2017/12/12 - A special country that has no subdivisions on the ISO standard, but I have it because they've got flags! PF all for you!
6.0 2017/12/01 - 4 more countries finished: IL, GA,GR & NI
5.9 2017/11/15 - From now and on, HU is available to you. Enjoy it!
5.8 2017/11/02 - Yes! CZ flags were amongst the most difficult ones and many needed to be done from scrath. Behold and see!
5.7 2017/10/15 - All 126 FR flags (drapeau in francais) are finished.
5.6 2017/10/04 - MY also ready. This keeps adding up!
5.5 2017/10/01 - PA/PK/PL also finished so you can enjoy it :-)
5.4 2017/09/22 - NL/SK/SE have been done. Advancement is within our grasp!
5.3 2017/09/15 - If a region has no flag, the national one is used in its place
5.2 2017/09/14 - Internal nomenclature update and made more efficient for those pesky regional flags. Only the "-regional" var will be used now.
5.1 2017/09/13 - UA, IE and GL done.
5.0 2017/09/05 - Over 250 country Military aircraft ensigns added. They are all in 640x480 format too.
4.9 2017/08/31 - Fixed download mistake. BV and CP are now back on the lists.
4.8 2017/08/25 - MK finished. This one had waaayy too many subdivisions :-).
4.7 2017/08/08 - GE done. More and more countries will be finished as I advance on it.
4.6 2017/08/02 - AL finished. Took me quite a while, but now it's available to you :-)
4.5 2017/07/20 - Massive update. All country flags have been re-done to update colors, include changes and some more perfection %. Huge thing, you need to redownload the whole collection again!. Now WF version under 200KB already (Wow!)
4.4 2017/07/10 - DO subdivisions done. Loads of work, let me tell you. The whole country had NO source files at all! I had to do all of them from scratch. But now it is done!
4.3 2017/06/28 - GF got a new flag in 2016. The former FR and the one from GF 2010-2015 have been deleted.
4.2 2017/06/20 - LR/FI flags uploaded. These were easy!
4.1 2017/06/11 - So hard. ET flags uploaded. It was difficult because 3 of them did not exist and were hard to find even as gif or png in HQ.
4.0 2017/06/03 - TW Flags. This country has beautiful flags. Added tables for better display in subcountries. Now I also show how heavy the originals were and how much you save by using the WF version.
3.9 2017/06/01 - VE Flags. Now it seems that in every country I have some flags to do from scratch.
3.8 2017/05/30 - LI/GQ Flags. GQ so hard since I had to do them from scrath! Same as with BH
3.7 2017/05/27 - US Flags done. 50 states, 1 district and 6 dependent territories.
3.6 2017/05/24 - Countries KN and KR finished. Corrected PS
3.5 2017/05/21 - Added Organization of Islamic Cooperation as organization
3.5 2017/05/18 - Added United Nations as organization
3.4 2017/05/17 - Updated from div to table for showing countries or country subdivision. Looks better now!
3.3 2017/05/16 - More countries: ES/RU. Updated AF (colors and central form) and KW (wrong size and colors)
3.2 2017/05/12 - Some more countries at level 2-3: ST/WF/TL/BY/UM/KM
3.1 2017/05/04 - Updated AF to the new flag from 2013. Enjoy!
3.0 2017/05/02 - KG/BH. These are the first SVGs for this country in the internet. I had to code every flag one by one.
2.9 2017/04/28 - CH/EE.
2.8 2017/04/24 - DK/DE.
2.7 2017/04/20 - BR/JP/NC.
2.6 2017/04/18 - CA/CL/CO/CR/EC/FM.
2.5 2017/04/16 - BA/BE/BO/BQ.
2.4 2017/04/14 - Fourth tutorial.
2.3 2017/04/12 - Third tutorial.
2.2 2017/04/10 - Table with project progress generated.
2.1 2017/04/08 - Flag generator created.
2.0 2017/04/07 - Starting the subdivisions of some countries. AD/AE/AQ/AR/AT/AU done.
1.9 2017/04/04 - Added some reserved spaces in the ISO standard.
1.8 2017/04/03 - WF and National flags releases. Now there are 3 qualities of the flags to choose from.
1.7 2017/03/31 - Countries by continent added.
1.6 2017/03/30 - Unions of countries/supranational entities now can be found.
1.5 2017/03/29 - Added a world map to see countries.
1.4 2017/03/26 - Second tutorial.
1.3 2017/03/24 - Started the first tutorial.
1.2 2017/03/22 - Flags of Non-iso countries added. The countries exist but have no full international recognition.
1.1 2017/03/21 - Adding and correcting flags of the ISO 3166 standard.
1.0 2017/03/20 - Initial release with the flags of the CSS Flags project of http://flag-icon-css.lip.is/ optimized and re-done in some cases.

0.1 2017/03/14 - Getting the idea and starting to work on WonderFlags.Pro after needing it for my own project.

Examples with CSS

AU Capital Territory regular
Australia blur
United States grayscale
Brazil inverted
Germany triangle
Spain circle
South Africa square
Jamaica hexagon
Chile Coquimbo round corners
Cayman marker rectangle
Argentina marker square
Dominica rombus